Introductory Flight

Touch a real flying like a birds.

Fulfil your dream of flying like a bird !! Come join us for a thrilling introductory flight over beautiful paddy fields and Mae Kueng Dam with our experienced pilots.

Operation period:

All year long in early morning.


(someday can not fly depend on the weather)


Hotel pick up time :

Morning 6:00 am.

(Max. Passenger weight 95 Kg.)

E-mail or call us today to get :
Free transportation round trip (Min 2 persons)

Introductory flight have to fly in good weather only  so someday the weather too bad for flying !! To make sure you don’t miss your intend please set up to join our activity at a first program of your trip (in case the weather not good for fly we can change your booking date to next day).

Transportation round trip (Min.2 Persons only old town) Certificate Coffee,Tea and drinking water… Because of the weather.. Some day can’t fly !!
For sure please choose our activity to be a first program of your trip…
Cause of the weather please call for more information.....




Hot Air Balloon

A-One-in-a-lifetime experience.

You don't feel the wind, you are a part of it, almost not even realizing you are moving.   Hot air balloons are something special in comparison to other forms of flight. Hot air balloons   drift gracefully above the ground at heights of up to 10,000 feet. Typically, though, most Hot   air balloon flights are 500 to 2,000 feet above ground where peace and tranquility reign as   you float over the tree tops above the beautiful countryside. As the balloon rises, your panoramic view is a perspective that you won’t soon forget.Enjoy your Breath taking hot air balloon ride an experience that cannot compare to anything else. The sensation of flying over trees,lakes and streams,spotting wildlife is unique and inspiring. If you really want to make a lasting impression, a hot air balloon ride is the ultimate " unforgettable" gift.

Price Include: Insurance,Transportation round trip,Hot air balloon flight certificate,Champagne celebration, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruit and Snack

Balloon Flight Schedule:

- Approx. 5:30-5:45 am. - 6:15-6:45am. - 6:45-7:45am. - 9:00-9:30am.


Operation period:

All year long in early morning.

Depend on the weather